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Our 2017-2018 Rental Season HAS FABULOUS CHOICES AVAILABLE. Please be aware when comparing University Hill Realty homes with the competition, we are ENERGY STAR for your financial $avings, and to help preserve the earth for future generations. All rental units are unfurnished. Tenants pay all utilities (gas,elec. and water). Please take your time and review all interior photos and floor plans. Thank you for reading this message and please tell all of your friends about us. 315-422-0709



Please observe these simple rules:
Set out household trash and recyclables in plain view adjacent to the curb line or edge of the road after 8 p.m. on the night before your scheduled trash pick up or before 6 a.m. on your Trash Day. You may use three 30-gallon trash cans or clear trash bags. Maximum weight per container is 50 pounds.

All other trash must be properly separated.

Recyclables will be collected the same day. Cardboard boxes MUST be uncontaminated, flattened, cut up, and set in or next to the Blue Bin. DO NOT PUT TRASH IN BOXES. There will be no limits. Cardboard boxes MUST be flattened to 3 ft x 3 ft and set in or next to the Blue Bins. Plastic bottles and glass jars should be rinsed and placed in the Blue Bins.

To schedule bulk household trash pick up, which must not exceed two (2) cubic yards, (approximately the size of a washer and dryer set side by side) call 448-CITY two days in advance of the regularly scheduled trash day. Bulk household trash includes furniture, appliances, carpets, mattresses, scrap metal, etc. Each resident is entitled to four (4) bulk pick-ups per year.
For details on how residents may dispose of excess trash or construction debris contact the Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency (OCRRA) 453-2870.

YARD WASTE (April - October Only): The city collects yard waste on a monthly quadrant schedule. You are residents of the Southeast quadrant. Pick up is during the weeks following the third Sunday of the month. Call 448-CITY for additional questions.


Please plan ahead when preparation to move out. The following information will help with this process:
REMOVE ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS AND TRASH OFF THE PROPERTY to avoid potentially high contractor costs to be subtracted from your security deposit. Cleaning and property removal charges tend to be the greatest deduction from the security deposit. Cleaning company rates are approximately $30.00 per hour, per person. Plan ahead and put out unwanted belongings during normal trash pick up over the last few weeks of your lease. Comply with all City trash requirements. We strongly urge you to clean your apartment or house very well as outlined below:

1. Wash dirt and grease off walls, trim, doors, light fixtures, switch plates, etc. throughout your unit.
2. Dust and wipe down baseboards and remove cobwebs.
3. Clean windows including window sills.
4. Vacuum and shampoo carpets, damp mop hardwood floors, and wash and wax linoleum floors. Furnish the office with a dated receipt for shampooing carpets when you surrender the keys. Clean floor vents.
5. Clean bathroom(s) completely; scrub sink, toilet, tub, floors, and walls.
6. Clean the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, leaving no residue or food on or behind/under the appliances.
7. Wash inside and outside of kitchen cabinets and shelves.
8. Clean washer and dryer if applicable.
9. Clean all closets, hallways, stairways, basement and attic if applicable.

Repairs and Maintenance
1. Remove all nails, tape, hooks, window hardware etc. Patch, sand, prime and paint if holes or marks were created. Deductions will be made per hole.
2. Repaint any walls, trim or repair patches that were painted with colors other than bone white. Typical repainting charges run $300-$400 per room. We will supply one gallon of free bone white paint. Additional gallons will cost $25.00 each. Use flat on ceilings only (not including kitchen and bathroom(s) and use semi-gloss bone white on all other areas.
3. Repair or replace all broken windows and torn or damaged screens.
4. Clear all clogged drains. Licensed plumbers charge $80.00 minimum for clogged drains.
5. Leave all smoke detectors, light bulbs and fixtures in working order.
6. Exterminate any insect or rodent infestations.
7. If you had pets, repair any pet damage, remove all pet hair and professionally exterminate premises for fleas.

Moving Out
1. Remove all belongings and trash from the entire apartment including the attic and basement. Go to WWW.syracuse.ny.us/Services/Guide to Key City Services to be sure you comply with all City ordinances. Also visit www.OCRRA.org for additional recycling information.
2. You may sell or give items away on www.craigslist.org , Givetoothers.com or by contacting the Rescue Mission at www.rmsyr.org or Salvation Army at www.sasyr.org .
3. If you need large trash removal, please arrange with either the City of Syracuse (448-CITY) or a private hauler of your choice.
4. Pay all unpaid late charges, rents, water usage, etc.

You must vacate your unit before NOON on the last day of the lease. On or before lease expiration (noon), you must come to the office and surrender ALL of your keys. At that time, you will fill out a form indicating you have returned your keys, and leave the name and forwarding address of ONE person for the security deposit return. One check with all tenant names will be sent, unless we have written approval from all tenants requesting another arrangement. Failure to comply will result in a holdover charge and/or a delay in the return of your security deposit check.

Local storage options: Not My Parents garage, 315-422-9680 or support@notmyparentsgarage.com : LazyBones, 1-877-215-2105 or wecare@mylazybones.com : Pods, 1-888-851-6776

If there are any questions please contact us at www.universityhill.com or by phone at 315-422-0709.


February 13, 2017
Dear University Hill Realty, LLC,
Thank you for your contribution of $3,000.00 on February 7, 2017. No benefit was bestowed on this donor in exchange for this contribution.
This donation was received by the Syracuse University Department of Public Safety for the University Neighborhood Camera Initiative. All donations are used to purchase security cameras and the necessary equipment for this project.
Alexander Lynch
Community Safety and Security Analyst, Department of Public Safety


Starting July 1, 2017, ALL University Hill tenants will receive 25% off at the Papa Johns located right below our office at 500 Westcott St!

Also starting July 1, 2017, Papa Johns will be open later, closing at 2AM.

Move-in Information 2017

You have rented one of University Hill Realty’s finest Energy Star apartments or houses.

If you haven’t had your gas or electricity turned on yet, please call National Grid at 1-800-932-0301 at once. Please remember your utilities must stay on for the entire term of your lease, regardless of whether you are there or not. This is also the number to call should you have any problems with your gas and electric service in the future.

We offer the following payment options: 1) Pay online with a credit or debit card by simply logging onto our website: www.universityhill.com and clicking onto the “Pay Rent Online” link. In order to log onto the Pay Rent Online you must sign on with your email address and a password you create through the Tenant Login link. 2) Mail the payment to 500 Westcott Street, Syracuse, NY 13210. 3) Bring the payment into our office during office hours or 4) After hours, place the payment in the drop box located at the entrance to our office on Westcott Street.
To ensure proper crediting to your account, always reference your address, apartment number, and what bill(s) you are paying.

All requests for non-emergency repairs to your apartment or common areas of the building should be submitted through the website by logging in through the Tenant Login and entering the information on the Request Repair page. If there is an emergency you should also follow up with a call to our office @ 315-422-0709. Press the option for “Tenant” followed by the option for “Emergency”.

Please comply with all City trash and recycling regulations as referenced in Section 12 of your Lease Agreement. City of Syracuse and OCRRA information is enclosed.

Please fill The APARTMENT CONDITION CHECKLIST at the beginning of your lease and returned to our office within ten (10) days.

If you should have any questions regarding these requests, please do not hesitate to contact us AT 315-422-0709.

NATIONAL GRID - Energy savings = cost savings & University Hill to go 100% LED

National Grid recently provided us with a Neighbor Comparison Report which states "You used 33% less energy than your efficient neighbors." This report combines electricity and natural gas. The energy usage is compared to "approximately 100 occupied apartments or condos that have both electricity and natural gas service and are either in the same building or nearby." Last 12 months Neighborhood Comparison states "You used 85% less energy than your neighbors. This saves you about $2,480.00 per year."
Quick Fix 1: Save up to $95.00 per year by turning off your computer when not in use. You can also save energy and money by putting your computer and monitor in sleep or hibernate mode when not in use.
Quick Fix 2: You can save up to $190.00 per year by weatherizing your windows and doors by sealing windows or install sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors. Starting in 2016, and completing in 2017, University Hill Realty to completely go 100 % LED on all lighting. This is very exciting!!