You have rented one of University Hill Realty’s finest Energy Star apartments or houses.

If you haven’t had your gas or electricity turned on yet, please call National Grid at 1-800-932-0301 at once. Please remember your utilities must stay on for the entire term of your lease, regardless of whether you are there or not. This is also the number to call should you have any problems with your gas and electric service in the future.

We offer the following payment options: 1) Pay online with a credit or debit card by simply logging onto our website: and clicking onto the “Pay Rent Online” link. In order to log onto the Pay Rent Online you must sign on with your email address and a password you create through the Tenant Login link. 2) Mail the payment to 500 Westcott Street, Syracuse, NY 13210. 3) Bring the payment into our office during office hours or 4) After hours, place the payment in the drop box located at the entrance to our office on Westcott Street.
To ensure proper crediting to your account, always reference your address, apartment number, and what bill(s) you are paying.

All requests for non-emergency repairs to your apartment or common areas of the building should be submitted through the website by logging in through the Tenant Login and entering the information on the Request Repair page. If there is an emergency you should also follow up with a call to our office @ 315-422-0709. Press the option for “Tenant” followed by the option for “Emergency”.

Please comply with all City trash and recycling regulations as referenced in Section 12 of your Lease Agreement. City of Syracuse and OCRRA information is enclosed.

Please fill The APARTMENT CONDITION CHECKLIST at the beginning of your lease and returned to our office within ten (10) days.

If you should have any questions regarding these requests, please do not hesitate to contact us AT 315-422-0709.