National Grid recently provided us with a Neighbor Comparison Report which states "You used 33% less energy than your efficient neighbors." This report combines electricity and natural gas. The energy usage is compared to "approximately 100 occupied apartments or condos that have both electricity and natural gas service and are either in the same building or nearby." Last 12 months Neighborhood Comparison states "You used 85% less energy than your neighbors. This saves you about $2,480.00 per year."
Quick Fix 1: Save up to $95.00 per year by turning off your computer when not in use. You can also save energy and money by putting your computer and monitor in sleep or hibernate mode when not in use.
Quick Fix 2: You can save up to $190.00 per year by weatherizing your windows and doors by sealing windows or install sweeps at the bottom of exterior doors. Starting in 2016, and completing in 2017, University Hill Realty to completely go 100 % LED on all lighting. This is very exciting!!