Please plan ahead when preparation to move out. The following information will help with this process:
REMOVE ALL PERSONAL BELONGINGS AND TRASH OFF THE PROPERTY to avoid potentially high contractor costs to be subtracted from your security deposit. Cleaning and property removal charges tend to be the greatest deduction from the security deposit. Cleaning company rates are approximately $30.00 per hour, per person. Plan ahead and put out unwanted belongings during normal trash pick up over the last few weeks of your lease. Comply with all City trash requirements. We strongly urge you to clean your apartment or house very well as outlined below:

1. Wash dirt and grease off walls, trim, doors, light fixtures, switch plates, etc. throughout your unit.
2. Dust and wipe down baseboards and remove cobwebs.
3. Clean windows including window sills.
4. Vacuum and shampoo carpets, damp mop hardwood floors, and wash and wax linoleum floors. Furnish the office with a dated receipt for shampooing carpets when you surrender the keys. Clean floor vents.
5. Clean bathroom(s) completely; scrub sink, toilet, tub, floors, and walls.
6. Clean the stove, refrigerator and dishwasher, leaving no residue or food on or behind/under the appliances.
7. Wash inside and outside of kitchen cabinets and shelves.
8. Clean washer and dryer if applicable.
9. Clean all closets, hallways, stairways, basement and attic if applicable.

Repairs and Maintenance
1. Remove all nails, tape, hooks, window hardware etc. Patch, sand, prime and paint if holes or marks were created. Deductions will be made per hole.
2. Repaint any walls, trim or repair patches that were painted with colors other than bone white. Typical repainting charges run $300-$400 per room. We will supply one gallon of free bone white paint. Additional gallons will cost $25.00 each. Use flat on ceilings only (not including kitchen and bathroom(s) and use semi-gloss bone white on all other areas.
3. Repair or replace all broken windows and torn or damaged screens.
4. Clear all clogged drains. Licensed plumbers charge $80.00 minimum for clogged drains.
5. Leave all smoke detectors, light bulbs and fixtures in working order.
6. Exterminate any insect or rodent infestations.
7. If you had pets, repair any pet damage, remove all pet hair and professionally exterminate premises for fleas.

Moving Out
1. Remove all belongings and trash from the entire apartment including the attic and basement. Go to to Key City Services to be sure you comply with all City ordinances. Also visit for additional recycling information.
2. You may sell or give items away on , or by contacting the Rescue Mission at or Salvation Army at .
3. If you need large trash removal, please arrange with either the City of Syracuse (448-CITY) or a private hauler of your choice.
4. Pay all unpaid late charges, rents, water usage, etc.

You must vacate your unit before NOON on the last day of the lease. On or before lease expiration (noon), you must come to the office and surrender ALL of your keys. At that time, you will fill out a form indicating you have returned your keys, and leave the name and forwarding address of ONE person for the security deposit return. One check with all tenant names will be sent, unless we have written approval from all tenants requesting another arrangement. Failure to comply will result in a holdover charge and/or a delay in the return of your security deposit check.

Local storage options: Not My Parents garage, 315-422-9680 or : LazyBones, 1-877-215-2105 or : Pods, 1-888-851-6776

If there are any questions please contact us at or by phone at 315-422-0709.