1. Two original leases signed by all the tenants of the unit; all leases are for the term of eleven and two thirds (11 2/3) months.
  2. Two months(2) security deposit at signing of lease; graduate students may qualify for a one month security deposit.
  3. The tenant pays for all utilities; electric, gas, and water except where otherwise noted in writing.
  4. All apartments/houses are unfurnished unless otherwise noted.
  5. No pets are permitted; pets are dogs and cats. 
  6. Subletting is permissible, with written prior permission of the Landlord. 
  7. Rent is due postmarked no later than the first of each month.
  8. A late fee of $5.00 per day for each day past the first of the month. 
  9. Returned checks or refused checks for whatever reason is charged $25.00 per occurrence, plus appropriate late fees.
  10. Only lease signers and approved sublettors are permitted to occupy the apartment or house.
  11. Tenant is responsible for snow removal; landlord responsible for landscaping.
  12. A rental discount of 3% is given for quarterly payments of rent, 5% for semi-annual, and 7% for annual, provided, all late fees, outstanding rents, and water bills must be paid in full (all tenants in the house or apartment only).
  13. Lease to be signed is the University Hill Realty, LLC lease.
  14. No storage allowed outside immediate apartment rented (you may not use hallways, basements or attics for storage). Landlord not responsible for theft or disposal of property illegally stored.
  15. Landlord and tenant will work together to attempt to achieve "ENERGY STAR" goals.